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Garage Door Vents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the vents myself?
Most do-it-yourselfers can do it. Simply tape the provided template in place, mark the outer edge then cut the metal with snips, install the frame from the outside and the vent from the inside and it locks into place with hat channel.

Do the vents fit an insulated door?
Yes. They fit a 1 3/8” thick insulated door. (Contact us for custom sizes)

How many vents do I need?
The vents provide ventilation, so, obliviously the more vents you have the more ventilation. For best results we recommend installing 2 large vents on the top and 2 small vents on the bottom of the door.

Can I paint the vents and trim?
Yes. They come with face primed white ready to be painted.

Are the vents strong enough to withstand Hurricane Winds?
Yes. They are engineered for 140 mph winds if installed properly.

What information do I need to order my vents?
Measure the flat area in the door panel and pick a vent size that will fit in the flat area without exceeding it. (Call for special order sizes not listed)

Our Vents

All Vents Come Standard White And Are Paintable, Price Is Based On Complete Vent Kit, And Trim For Installation more info....

Several sizes available (insulated door also available). All come with Complete Vent Kit and Trim For Installation more info....
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