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Garage Door Vents

The Screen Room Store

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who we are

Garage Door Vents is owned and operated by The Screen Room Store. The popularity of having vents installed in your garage door, not the mention the comfort and utility bill savings has contributed to building a business dedicated to providing garage door vents and installation kits.

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what we do

It can get very hot inside the garage during the summer months.

  • Installing a couple of vents to encourage air flow will lower the temperature in the garage as well as help ventilate the room from toxic fumes when the doors are closed.
  • Adding garage vents accomplishes the same thing as opening your garage door.
  • The vents can be installed in the place of the windows in your existing garage door or in one of the panels of the door if it has no windows.
  • It is a cost-effective and easy way to lower the temperature of your garage.
  • The garage door vents are custom made to fit each individual door, they are made of heavy aluminum and have been engineered for winds above 140 m.p.h.
  • Each vent is installed with screen to keep out bugs. Blank off panel is available for purchase and are easy to attach in case of a storm or should you want to close it off through the winter months.

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Our Vents

All Vents Come Standard White And Are Paintable, Price Is Based On Complete Vent Kit, And Trim For Installation more info....

Several sizes available (insulated door also available). All come with Complete Vent Kit and Trim For Installation more info....
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